Sunrise Health Service Board

Sunrise Health Service takes direction from the Board, which is made up of representative from all Sunrise communities.

The Board’s areas of responsibility include:

  • Managing the administration in the Sunrise Health Service Aboriginal Corporation in conjunction with the CEO and Executive Committee;
  • Accountability and understanding of Separation of Powers, the Executive Member and CEO roles;
  • Representation and awareness of community issues brought to the Board’s attention from the Community Health Committees;
  • Cultural advisors for the organisation and implementation of programs and staff;
  • Understanding and monitoring the budget of Sunrise Health Service through the assistance of Money Story; and
  • Informing the broader communities of Sunrise Health Service in general and actively being involved in further training with the Community Development Team and other Board members.

All Board members have undergone training to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge to govern.  Extensive resources have been put in with financial management and governance training provided at both the committee and individual level.

Sunrise Health Service Board Membership

SHSAC Directors and Executive Members as at 15 Nov 16


Non-Indigenous Sub-Committee

As Sunrise Health Service was incorporated under the Commonwealth Aboriginal Associations Incorporation Act, provision has been made in the constitution for the establishment of the non-Indigenous subcommittee to provide a forum in which the non-Indigenous clients could have a voice in the direction of the service.

The success of the Sunrise Health Service’s Board was reflected in the award of a special commendation from the inaugural Indigenous Governance Awards conducted by Reconciliation Australia and BHP Billiton.  For more information, click here.