Men's Health

The Men’s Health program provides culturally appropriate initiatives and services which promote the health and well-being of the community males men within the Sunrise Health Service region.

The program provides a wide range of health promotion information and educational resources to assist community leaders in formulating visions for improving their health through decision making processes.

Additionally, the program strives to achieve better health outcomes for all men by combining both traditional techniques and European practices.


Banatjarl Statement “Prevention not intervention!”

Excerpt from the Banatjarl Statement:
We the Aboriginal males from Katherine East Region gathered at Banatjarl on 2 July 2009, make the following statement:
We are proud Aboriginal men, proud of our culture and to achieve our vision we call on the Australian Government and the Northern Territory Government to reform the intervention, reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act and reduce the barrage of complex and contradictory changes that are disempowering Aboriginal males, resulting in “widening the gap” in Aboriginal male health and severely impacting on the lives of our children, families and the communities in which we live...

Blekbala Fathawan Helth Summit 2009

Mens Health Summit Registration Kit