Sunrise Health Service receives the majority of its funding to support services through partnerships with the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments.

However, Sunrise is fortunate to have also made links with some key like-minded corporate organisations, and is proud to have partnerships with the following organisations:


However, further opportunities for support are always available.

In partnering with organisations, Sunrise Health Service seeks to engage in long-term, strategic and mutually beneficial relationships.  We are focused on developing partnerships of involvement and commitment that are flexible to best reflect the interests and priorities of all stakeholders and to encourage innovation.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Sunrise Health Service relies on the support of its partners to continue the pursuit of its mission to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous people in the Katherine east region.

A partnership with Sunrise Health Service offers an organisation the opportunity to connect its clients, partners and stakeholders with a leading Aboriginal Medical Service.  This partnership has the potential to demonstrate an organisation’s social responsibility and commitment to the community. 

Partnerships are tailored to suit an organisation’s objectives.  Specifically, partnerships offer a range of benefits in acknowledgement of your support which may include:

  • A presence on the Sunrise Health Service website;
  • If supporting a particular program, your logo would appear on all program materials, and your staff would be offered the opportunity to see first-hand this program in action;
  • Acknowledging your support in the Annual Report and Newsletters.

Ultimately, a partnership with Sunrise Health Service is an investment that will make a real difference to the lives of Indigenous Australians in the remote area east of Katherine, and will have strategic advantages for corporate organisations.

Sunrise Health Service is keenly interested in establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded organisations, with support doing much to improve services and provide better health outcomes for the people in the Katherine east region.



For more information on forming a partnership with Sunrise Health Service, please contact us at