Leave nothing but a footprint…


Working with our communities

It must always be remembered that in Katherine East we are working on traditional Aboriginal lands owned and managed by traditional owners and through their generosity are living in houses and working in clinics built on their land.

In everything we do, we strive to ensure that the traditional owners and the community are involved in decision making.

We include our community elected Board in the data from each clinic that shows the priority health issues in each community.

We develop plans with community on the best ways to address health and social determinant issues. In all our work we are respectful of Aboriginal culture, Aboriginal practices and mores.

It is different in each community and we expect everyone of our employees to seek out community elders and find out what is accepted and what is not…what places they can go to and those they can’t…how best to engage with the community and pitfalls to be avoided.

Our priority is to ensure that the way we behave and the things that we say and do, provide a culturally safe environment for our clients.

We are our communities guests and we reciprocate that generosity with respect.