Equitable and culturally appropriate primary health care. 


Addressing local problems through local sustainable solutions.


Careers in Sunrise Health

Sunrise Health Service is the second largest Aboriginal Medical Service in the Northern Territory with nine remote clinics east of Katherine with a large range of services needing dedicated health professionals…

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Working with local people

When the Australian Government first mooted the implementation of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations to administer remote state controlled health clinics it did so to address fully primary health care including the social determinants of health

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Sunrise information & statistics

In this section you will find links to Bushtel the Northern Territory Government’s database on Northern Territory communities.

You will also find a community profile on each of our communities detailing the health issues and indicators in each community.

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Our horizon is full
Community control.

Acute health care does not make people well. It is only when you address health issues and the social determinants of health that families and communities become well. 


Annual Report

On track to meet 2023 targets.

Despite 2017-18 being a very challenging year in which much consolidation was required to ensure the sustainability of the organisation, our staff still continued to deliver quality services to the extent that we have already met 6 out of the 13 National Health Implementation Plan targets for 2023.

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