Sunrise Health Service - a true community controlled health service.


Community Profiles

The Northern Territory Government has developed a database on each NT community, capturing the size, services and amenities of each community called Bushtel.

You will find the profile for each community by clicking on its link. Bushtel is updated regularly and also provides travel advice and distances from Katherine


Community Health Priorities

Every six months we compile key performance indicator data on our communities which then identifies priority health needs in each community.

The “health”profiles are presented to the community-elected Board members for them to either confirm or re-prioritise the issues for each community.

The data is extracted from our Communicare patient management system and clearly identifies trends in each community.

As at March 2019, the following priorities have been identified for each community. If the priorities are not present it means that the Board member for that community has not yet had a chance to confirm the priorities.

for the latest published Online services report, click here



Beswick / Wugularr