Working with Aboriginal people to improve the health of everyone.


Our Clinics

Our clinics are the hubs for the delivery of health services to the community where the clinic is placed and also to the surrounding communities and outstations.

Each clinic has local resident staff and is visited frequently by other services that support your health and wellbeing.

We are able to provide services in all areas of health care, not just for you but for your whole family - in fact quite often it’s better to treat the whole family.

Our clinics operate five days a week but after hours emergency services are available at all clinics. If we have a heavy after hours workload sometimes the clinic may be closed during work hours to allow staff to recover. If you have an emergency during this time please call the clinic’s number.


“Top Road”Clinics
Primary Health Care Manager:
Peter Wordsworth
Lot 322, Barunga
08 8975 4501

Primary Health Care Manager:
Janneke Kraaijenhof
Lot 50, Wugularr
08 8975 4924

Primary Health Care Manager:
Lynn Archer
Lot 68, Bulman
08 8975 4829

Manyallaluk (Eva Valley)
Primary Health Care Manager:
Peter Wordsworth
Lot 21, Manyallaluk (Eva Valley)
08 8975 4864

“Bottom Road” Clinics
Primary Health Care Manager:
Tracey Demaio
Cnr Gunn & Elsey Streets
Lot 35, Mataranka
08 8975 4547

Primary Health Care Manager:
Tracey Demaio
Lot 30, Jilkminggan

Primary Health Care Manager:

Lot 3, Minyerri
08 8975 9959

Primary Health Care Manager:
Shelly Back
Lot 316, Ngukurr
08 8975 4688

Primary Health Care Manager:
Shelly Back
Lot 20, Urapunga
08 8975 4345

Specialist Clinics - Ngukurr
Intensive Family Support Service

08 8977 4029

08 8977 4272



Senior Leadership

The Executive Management Team at Sunrise Health Service are there to ensure the delivery of the best community controlled health service possible within the constraints of its resourcing model; to deliver continuous quality improvement; and that its service provision is driven by, and compliant with the International Standard 9001:2015.


Dr Daniel Tyson

Dr Tanya Davies
Director, Population Health & Planning 

David Scholz
Director, Primary Health Care

George Marin
Director, Finance & Business Operations

Steve Brown
Manager, Assets & Maintenance

Bill Palmer
Corporate Governance Manager


Board of Directors

Our Board is elected every two years by the communities in which our clinics reside - ensuring that Sunrise Health Service is a true Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and that the health needs of the individual communities are being met.


Anne-Marie Lee
Chairperson (Barunga)

Lorraine Bennett
Deputy Chairperson (Wugularr)

Michelle Farrell
Treasurer (Ngukurr)

Clifford Duncan
Secretary (Urapunga)

Keisha Avalon
Director (Manyallaluk)

John Dalywater
Director (Weemol)

Majella Friel
Director (Werenbun)

Christine Curtis
Director (Bulman)

Peter Lindsay
Director (Wugularr)

Virginya Boon
Director (Mataranka)

Timothy Baker
Director (Jilkminggan)

Joaquin Huddleston
Director (Kewulyi)

John O’Keefe
Director (Minyerri)

Robin Rogers
Director (Ngukurr)