Improving community safety

Recently Sunrise Health Service has been awarded additional funding to tackle safety for our patients, staff, equipment and communities.

The funding provided through the Federal Government, will allow the training of 150 staff and select community members in de-escalating potentially violent situations. The training will be partially delivered in Kriol and will provide both staff and community members with tools to reduce violence and upset.

The second part of this funding will allow Sunrise Health to train up to 30 staff and community members in Certificate II and III of Security Operations - delivered against a cultural background with participants selected by each community’s traditional owners - such training will not only ensure that our patients and staff are safe but that our communities are safer as a result.

Each successful participant will be eligible to become licensed security officers offering them another vocational pathway.

The third and final piece is offering selected staff and traditional owners, training in debriefing staff, families and patients who have been involved in a critical incident where there is a potential for people to have been traumatised by the event.

Sunrise is very grateful to receive this strong commitment from the Department of Health towards safer communities.