Who's cooking?

Our communities are - and they are sharing their healthiest recipes!

In an effort to have communities identify healthy meals, made from available products from their local community store AND are low in salt, fat and have a low GI (glyceamic index), Sunrise Health has combined with other organisations to develop a cookbook created by local women using readily available ingredients.

In the process the women are finding that healthy food can also be cost effective with some evening meals costing less than $3 per person.

Currently the dietitians are collecting more recipes, taking more photos and developing the cookbook so it is easily read and easily followed even if your first language is not English. The aim is to link the cookbook into schools, school nutrition programs and community stores to improve nutrition in communities and in the long term - adoption of sustainable, healthy eating behaviours.

It is hoped that we will be able to print the cookbook and it be made available in communities and in the community stores.